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Are you, or someone you love struggling with Eczema?

Here is a note from one of our loyal customers!

"When I was struggling to find a solution for my very sensitive skin and problems with eczema and after many frustrating visits to the dermatologist and no solution. I found Sugie Skin Care and met Julie and she was instrumental in helping me with my questions on how important exfoliation and moisturizing are for help in controlling eczema. I used Sugie Cubes Lemon on my skin, and for the first time in my entire life, I was eczema free! I purchased mulitiple products from Sugie Skin Care and gave them to relatives in my family with similar skin conditions, like my aunt who had psoriasis, and a friend who had rosacea." "Thank you, Julie for creating a wonderful product line that is mild and gentle and REALLY DOES work!" Desario G. Chicago, IL.

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