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Customer reviews

Thank you, thank you, thank you to our wonderful and loyal customers that LOVE Sugie Skin Care!  Here is what a few  have to say about our products!  



Kathrine D.

"Fabulous Product!  My name is Kathrine D, and I purchased your Lavender Sugar Scrub on a whim from Market Wagon. I have ALWAYS had horrible luck with sugar scrubs causing clogged pores, leaving my skin feeling greasy afterwards. Not with yours! I am beyond thrilled!! You have a lifelong customer here, and as soon as I'm able I will be trying more of your products. Thank you for your conscientious efforts in making such wonderful products that help people look and feel their best. I wish you all the success."


Jill H.

"I purchased this from your booth in Columbia, KY. Never found anything that works like the Body scrub and I thought I had tried everything."

Jill H.


Taylor D.

"Ho-ly crap, y’all! This stuff is liquid gold. My face feels SO soft and glowy. I have the world’s most sensitive skin and this stuff is so gentle! Buy it! It’s cheaper than all that name brand stuff out there, no harsh chemicals, and it actually works!"


Samantha G.

 "Love her products. I can’t use most things on my face without causing break outs but I can this. It’s so refreshing after being out in the sun all day to come home And scrub my face with the sugar scrub then I follow up with the serum. My face hasn’t been this clear in a long time!!!

Thanks Julie!"

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