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Eye Lash Growth Serum 1/2 oz

Eye Lash Growth Serum 1/2 oz

SKU: 0010

Sugie Skin Care All Eye Lash Serum 1/2 oz is the perfect solution for those who want longer and fuller lashes without the use of harsh chemicals.  Our carefully crafted formula includes all natural ingredients such as organic, hexane free, castor oil to nourish & strengthen your lashes from the root so that they can grow.   Apply with the included brush applicator so that it can be used daily for best results. Say hello to naturally beautiful lashes with our All Natural Eye Lash Serum.


Sugie Skin Care Eye Lash Serum can improve the health and appearance of eyelashes by promoting hair health, conditioning, and strengthening lashes to make them more noticeable and longer.    You will see some results in about 30-45 days when used daily.  So be patient,  use it every day,  and let it do it's magic!   Get your lashes growing today!   Glass bottle, glass dropper.


Here is commentary from  Dr.  Craig Ziering Board Certified Hair, Brow & Facial Hair Transplant Surgeon, Beverly Hills, NYC,  Greenwich, CT.   


 "Eyelashes are often neglected," Ziering explains. "Dehydrated keratin protein is subjected to weakness and breakage, making lashes look lackluster, shorter, and thinner."  Eye lash serum helps seal in moisture, which will help you maintain more luscious-looking lashes. It can also help to boost the tear film and protect eyes from becoming too dry, which is beneficial in and of itself.


"Dry eyes often result in rubbing, which can damage the delicate lashes or encourage breakage or early release from the follicle," 

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