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Which anti-aging products actually work?‍ Collagen? Face Oils? Moisturizers? Serums? SPF Creams?‍

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

My favorite topical anti-aging product? Face oils!

Face oils are considered a type of emollient, which means they help strengthen the outer layer of your skin — the stratum corneum — by softening and sealing it, preventing water loss. What’s best is that apart from hydrating properties, face oils can also aid your anti-aging routine.

So let's talk Sugie Skin Care Glow Serum! It is a power punch cocktail for your skin! Mild & gentle to use daily for superior moisturizing, even out skin tone and soften fine lines!

The power punch ingredients in this face oil serum truly do wonderful things for your skin. Use it on your face, neck & chest areas, after exfoliating with Sugie Cubes all natural scrub in lavender or lemon which are packed with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid).

Sugie Skin Care products are designed to work together to get you the maximum exfoliation, moisturizing and nutrients for your skin! At $20.00 for this serum is a bargain for what it does for your skin! Get yours today!

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