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"Natural companies" that have been sold out to large ones.....

We LOVE our products that we've been using for years and we trust them to have our best interest and provide a great "natural" product. But, has something changed? Here is a list of very popular companies that have sold out for profit:

1. Burts Bees sold out to Clorox

2. Annie's sold out to General Mills

3. Tom's of Maine sold out to Colgate-Palmolive

4. Native Brands sold out to Proctor & Gamble

5. Seventh

Generation sold out to Unilever

6. LaraBar sold out to General Mills

7. Odwalla sold out to Coca-Cola

They not only have been sold out to these (BlackRock) owned companies but have also changed formulations and ingredients! Get the YUKA app on your phone and you can check the ingredients next time you go to purchase a food or skin care product!

Be safe and most of all, be informed!

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