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Greenwashing In The Skin Industry

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Although, it looks as though many beauty companies are responding to the public's concerns about parabens, some may be merely "greenwashing" - a term used when a "paraben-free" company markets themselves as a natural alternative, when in fact they contain other synthetic ingredients that may cause harm or irritation to the skin), or phthalates, which are often added to personal care products, such as hair gels, shampoos, soaps, hair sprays, & body lotions, to help lubricate other substances in the formula and to carry fragrances.

Phthalates must be listed among the ingredients on product labels, unless they are added as a part of the “fragrance.” Under current law, they can then simply be labeled “fragrance,” even though they may make up 20% or more of the product).

Sugie SkinCare DOES NOT use any fragrance oils in our ingredients. All of our products smell amazing with all natural essential oils that are good for your skin, your well being and smell wonderful! Also, people with very sensitive skin can use our products with out any problems!

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