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Don't be mislead on your skincare labels, Greenwashing is happening!

Stop being misled by false marketing claims and REALLY get to know what's in the products you use. I recommend you get the app YUKA on your phone so you can scan skincare labels and also food labels and learn exactly what you are purchasing.

There are a lot of undesirable and potentially harmful ingredients in beauty products

Marketing claims can be misleading. Even if you use products labeled 'natural' or 'organic', they can still contain undesirable ingredients.

Some brands still test on animals.

Like it or not, it’s true. Now it is time to do something about it.

Not all the products you buy are as good as they claim they are - even those labeled as natural or organic!

There’s a lot of greenwashing that goes on and thanks to clever marketing and branding, it is easier to have a false (or misleading) impression about something.

A brand might market an organic ingredient they have used in a product which gives the impression that it is more organic than it actually is - upon closer inspection it might be the only organic ingredient in the product and it is the last one listed…meaning there’s a tiny amount of it!

A brand might use a clever slogan such as "inspired by nature" which gives the impression that it is natural - but on closer inspection you discover that it contains only synthetic ingredients.

The symbols used to demonstrate a certificate that the product has achieved e.g. vegan or cruelty free or ethical or organic are very powerful - but who certifies them, what are the symbols and what do they mean?

We might see a product labeled as vegan and think it must fit with our values…but we forget that vegan used to mean something that was largely "plant-based." Now, it refers to anything not tested on animals or where no harm has been done to animals…that means lots of products with synthetic ingredients are labeled (or can be labeled) as vegan.

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